HOW TO see the world from another perspective

April 14th, 2015

Sometimes you get stuck in your life and it’s not very adventurous. If that’s the way you want to live your life, that’s totally fine! But there are people who love to dream and overthink. For those people who are willing to change the way they look at the world I wrote this small article..



A few questions which maybe help you see the world from another perspective;

1) What if your future husband/wife came walking by, right now at this moment?

2) What would you do if you had only five days left to live?

3) What if you’re not the only one who’s feeling alone? (Actually everybody feels alone sometimes.. even when they’re surrounded by hundreds of people. That’s actually a very sad thought.)

4) What would you say if you could say one thing to all the people around the world?

5) What if your dreams become plans.. and you succeed?

6) What do you think your future self will say to you right at this moment?


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