Hotspots at London

April 18th, 2015



One of  the most popular cities in Europe.. It’s even worldwide a very popular city to go.

Here are a few tips and hotspots you really need to see when you’re going to London;

1) The British Museum; this is the biggest museum of Great Britain.

2) Buckingham Palace; it’s only two months open for tourists each year, but it’s definitely worth it to take a look.

3) Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens; to escape from the busy and noisy city.

4) London Eye; the biggest wheel in the whole world!

5) Madame Tussaud’s; this is the first Madame Tussaud’s worldwide so the price won’t be the lowest, but who doesn’t want a picture with celebs in London?

6) St. Paul’s Cathedral; it’s so big that you can see it from many high places in London.

7) Tower Bridge; one of the most mainstream symbols of London! Don’t miss it!

8) Tower of London; the history of this building is absolutely amazing and very intriguing.

9) Westminster Abbey; a very special place.. also full of history!

10) Shopping centre; nothing better than great stores and brands, right? There’re so many stores, you could be shopping for a whole week and still haven’t seen every store.



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