HOW TO pack your bag for a day at the beach

April 19th, 2015



Summer is coming so the sea and salty air must have crossed your mind at least once!

Today I decided to share some tips with you about what to take with you when you’re going to have a beach day.

1) Don’t forget your bikini!! It would be a shame if you couldn’t swim because it’s not allowed to swim naked..

2) Sun blocker. Everybody needs sun blocker, even if you never get burned by the sun. It’s healthy for your skin and body.

3) Sunglasses. Not to keep on for the whole day, else you’ll see tan lines, but there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit diva at the beach. (Also you can secretly watch people walk by…)

4) Drinks and food. You can’t go anywhere without something to drink and something to eat. It’s hot and so you’re going to sweat, no matter what.. That’s why it’s very important you drink enough water.

5) A towel, or two.. it’s much more comfortable to sit at than the burning hot sand.

6) A book, quizpocket or earpieces. Just something to lay down with in the sun and relax.

7) Bring a ball or a frisbee! It’s fun and you easily make friends when you’re playing soccer with someone and someone else would like to join you!

8) Flip flops. There are fashionable ones and just regular plastic ones. It depends on you which one you’ll bring with you.

9) Casual but fashionable clothes to put on when you’re done at the beach. In that way you can go straight to a nice beach bar or a shopping centre without looking ridiculous and trashy (like not in a good way…).

10) Friends!! Take friends with you! It’s also very nice to go to the beach by yourself but it’s even more fun when you can spend your day on the beach with your best friends! Bring a barbecue and some cocktails and it’ll be perfect.



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