HOW TO empty your mind

April 21th, 2015



One of the most difficult things to do is clearing your mind. You’re thinking about the groceries or something that happened and after a while you feel like your brain is going to explode. This is called overthinking.

It’s good to think about things, but too much is never good.

Here are some tips to help you to clear your mind;

1) Read a book or something. You’re living in another world while you’re reading a story, not your own world. This can be very relaxing.

2) Watch an intriguing film. It’ll attract your whole attention. Just like with the book, you’re living in another world.

3) Put on some music you like and sing along. It helps you concentrate on the lyrics instead of something else.

4) Take a nap. Make sure you sleep instantaneously so you won’t be overthinking even more..

5) Go have some fun with friends! This doesn’t have to take long.. even grabbing a lunch during a busy day can do miracles.

6) Learn to let things go. Things happen the way they happen and you can’t change that, only if you work hard for it the end might change. All things happen for a reason. If it’s done, let it go.

7) Spoil yourself with something. Buy that one parfum you love, or go get some ice cream.. this will give you positive energy and helps you relax.



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