07 December, 2016

Welcome, have a look into my typical Fred Life.


Things started out perfectly. I had to get the train at 11.00 so I got out of bed at 09.00… This gave me time to eat some breakfast, cuddle with my way too cute bunny and pack my bag for this day and the day after.

The train ride wasn’t that special. The first 0.5 hour of the 2 hours traveling I sat all by myself.


I arrived at school at 13.05 and I had a study coach converstation at 13.15. This means I was perfectly on time.

The study coach meeting went pretty well. I showed her the video I made for the assignment: a Personal Development Plan.

There are a lot of things that I will do different next time, but this is just the first ever video that I made like this. Also, don’t pay attention on the resolution and my cracky voice.. It’s just a kind of try-out.

The rest of the afternoon wasn’t that special. Until 16.00, when two classmates and I had to call some companies. Eventually one person only called one company, because the guy she talked to didn’t stop talking until after 1.5 hours. Also the companies are German, so we thougth it would be a good idea if a German calls them and talks to them in German.

After this small meeting I rushed to town to get my order at the JD shop. I had ordered a T-shirt from Adidas with a very cool print on it.

You don’t really see the print well here.. But that will come another time. I can tell you that it’s a blue boyfriend shirt and it’s very very comfortable.


It was my turn to cook! And to be honest, I’m not really experienced at cooking… But I have to admit that I really like doing it.

I made lasagne from out of a pan. It included tomatoes, courgette, chicken, pesto and a lot of other delicious things.. I will put the instructions on how to make it only as well.

And now, after doing some things for school and a project I’m just very tired. I think I’ll just leave it like this and go sleep.


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