I think everybody has those days that you’re just done with everything and all you want to do is quit everything you’re doing and sleep all day and night. The feeling that you’re useless and you can’ accomplish anything.

Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong and I’ll explain you exactly why.

quotes afbeelding

Work hard. And if you’re working hard, work even harder.
You can, so you will. You must.
You won’t regret the accomplishments you’ve reached in a few days, weeks, months, years..

Just do it. Do it right now.
Start from this moment on.

Keep your goals in front of you and don’t let anyone convince you that you aren’t good enough to reach the goal of your dreams. Because you aren’t, they’re right about that.. But you WILL be good enough. You will be even better. And you will show them all wrong about you not being able to achieve something that big that you have in mind.

Don’t let small minded people bring your big dreams down to their level.
Reach for the highest goal. Expand your borders.



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