11 December, 2016

I was just wondering about something.. Why is it that even after one hour without seeing my boyfriend I already miss him?

Guess it’s love. But I think it’s also a little bit of another feeling. The feeling that you’re being accepted and you’re being wanted.

boy, love, and couple afbeelding

Everybody wants to feel wanted, right? Not only by your boyfriend but also by your friends, family and even strangers.. And if you don’t feel wanted, what do you feel then..?

It all sounds very simple. In reality it’s a little bit hard sometimes though.
Luckily everybody knows this feeling so I’m not the only one confused by these facts.
It’s not very confusing, but sometimes you don’t want to hear why things are the way they are. Or you know, but you don’t want to surrender to it.

I can think about this stuff for hours.. Like really.


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