One of those days

So done with today. And today was supposed to be a fun day (…)

I know I’m complaining without any reasons, but I’m just in some kind of weird mood.

Actually today is a pretty good day. I didn’t have to get up too early, took a hot shower, I even had breakfast and I was in time for the bus.
At school it wasn’t that bad either. Only had class for 45 minutes, where we got a class to learn how to make a technical drawing of a garment. After that I had a groupmeeting about a big project that I’m currently working on. This was a very interesting meeting. When everybody went home I even stayed at school, working on some small assignments…

Altough I decided to call my mom. I answered the phone with the words ”I’m done with it all.” And she immediately said ”Go talk to your dad, he’ll give you a peptalk.” And shortly after she said that I heard my mom talk to my dad through the phone ”Fred wants to quit her study, go talk to her.” Well… That escalated quickly! I shortly explained that I was just done with today and don’t want to quit my study, she just sighed.

So I didn’t even waste my time today. Until I got home around 16.00. My concentration vanished as soon as I opened the front door.

I decided to draw something and after that go back to work. Still have to wait for my boyfriend to come home from university so I can order pizza for us.

At the end not a very bad day. I think I’m just in a bad mood.



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